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  • Urban Sprinter 2000
    Type: Catamaran Pax Ferry More >>
    Length Oa:78.4m Beam Oa:14.8m Depth:4.0m
    Draft:1.8m Passenger:2000 Speed at Full Load:18 knots
    Main Engine:CATERPILL... Propulsion:AZIMUT PROPELLERS Range:300 nm
    Classification:BV Hull and Superstructure Material:Aluminum ... Shipowner:RIO DE JANEIR...

  • 7-10# Coastal Fast Rescue Vessels
    Type: High-speed Wave-piercing Catamaran More >>
    Length Oa:49.9m Beam Oa:13.1m Depth:4.5m
    Draft:1.63m Passenger:Rescue 200 people Speed at Full Load:> 30 Knots (Sea trial load,100% MCR)
    Main Engine:MTU 16V 4... Propulsion:Waterjet Range:500 nm (full load)
    Classification:CCS Hull and Superstructure Material:Aluminum ... Shipowner:CHINA RESCUE ...

  • Petit Bateau XL
    Type: Yacht More >>
    Length Oa:7.5m Beam Oa:2.32m Depth:
    Draft: Passenger: Speed at Full Load:
    Main Engine: Propulsion: Range:
    Classification: Hull and Superstructure Material: Shipowner:

  • 4010 Catamaran Pax Ferry (ASA038)
    Type: Catamaran Pax Ferry More >>
    Length Oa:39.95m Beam Oa:10.70m Depth:3.8m
    Draft:1.65m Passenger:450 persons Speed at Full Load:36 knots or 39 knots
    Main Engine:2 X MTU 1... Propulsion:CPP Range:
    Classification:BV Hull and Superstructure Material:alumimium... Shipowner:Damen Shipyar...

  • 40m Catamaran Pax Ferry (ASA040-ASA041)
    Type: Catamaran Pax Ferry More >>
    Length Oa:40.0m Beam Oa:9.3m Depth:3.397m
    Draft:1.25m Passenger:199 persons Speed at Full Load:32.858 knots (design speed)
    Main Engine:MTU12V200... Propulsion:waterjet Range:300 nm
    Classification:CCS Hull and Superstructure Material:Aluminium... Shipowner:Shenzhen Peng...
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