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The craftman of Afai Southern Shipyard

Release time:2016-05-20 Source:英辉

Ren, the present vice-director of production workshop of Afai, joined Afai on 1995. 20 years of hardworking established him a career and citizenship in Guanzhou, contributing to the development and the construction of the city.

At the beginning, he knew nothing about neither aluminum welding nor welding, only after his enrollment in Afai South Welding Training Class, did he realize the importance of basic theory. He quickly stood out from co-workers after he had decided to get the hang of aluminum welding technique. Trusted by the firm as the best worker in terms of aluminum welding, he leaded the welding research of company and assumed the position of welding superintendent.

His welding level is so much higher than the industry standard, excelling 95% of pass rate of butt joint X-Ray examination ,that he is certified Class III welder by the BV and CCS , qualified by DNV and etc. classification society.

Using leisure time to enrich his understanding about professional skill, he enrolled himself in the Hunan Technique College and successfully graduated. His promotion as vice director seems natural out of his professional excellence, combined with the need of expanding of the firm. He took over the management and research of of aluminum welding workmanship, leading the compiling of one series of training course textbook, illustrating thoroughly the theory of aluminum welding, deformation control of material  and  welding craftsmanship to the new-comers.