About Us

Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline

  Afai Southern Shipyard (Panyu Guangzhou) Ltd., located at the eastern side of Xinguang Bridge of Guangzhou, China, and the south bank of the Pearl River main channel, founded in 1992 and assets-reorganized in 2004, is the largest scale supplier to professionally design and build high performance aluminum alloy ships.

    There are a number of excellent professionals in the company for designing and manufacturing aluminium alloy ships including 1 senior engineer of professor-class, 5 senior engineers, over 40 professionals of middle and junior level, 180 skilled workers of middle and high level, totally over 300 staff, average age 29 years old.

    “Pragmatic and Efficient, Enterprising and Discipline” are the corporate spirit of Afai Soputhern; “Cultivate the top-rate talent, construct the top-rate shipyard, build the top-rate ship, set up top rate brand” are the corporate development tenet; “Human-oriented; Harmoniously developing” are the team conception of Afai Southern culture.

    The company sets up and operates GB/T19001-2008 Quality Management System, GB/T28001-2011 Occupational Health and Safety Managements System and GB/T24001-2004 Environment Management System, carrys out the standardization management of Clean Production and Safe Production, warrants the product quality, worships the corporation harmony, implements the social responsibility.

    The main business of the company is reserching, designing and building the high performance aluminium alloy ships, is at leading position in the domestic market of aluminium alloy fast ferries, public vessels and professional rescue vessels. The “Afai” brand has high repute in the world, is the sole brand for aluminium alloy high speed vessels built and exported in China.

    Relying on our own superiorities on talent and technology, as well as application and mastering of the manufacturing technology and high-tech achievements of abroad and domestic high speed vessels, the company aimed the new trend of the passenger transportation and public vessel market, fully use the existing technicians and facilities, contracted a number of high- tech and high additional value product orders of international and domestic alu. alloy luxury fast ferries, ro-pax ferries, city sightseeing vessels, professional rescue vessels and small yachts to meet the shipowners’ demands. In recent years, the company built over 40 full aluminium alloy catamaran ships, including coastal fast rescue vessels, 85m ro-pax ferries, 32m city sightseeing vessels, 35m inland river luxury public vessel, coastal 34m/188 pax fast ferries, coastal 35m/198 pax fast ferries, 42m/312 pax fast ferries, 42m/448 pax fast ferries, etc., exported to Singapore, Turkey, Dubai, Canada, South Korea etc. countries and region.

    The company drew up the corporate development plan positioned on product of 15-60m super yachts. In 2012, invested and established a ship design company in Holland, to match the European technology, enter into design and construction of high- end aluminium alloy yachts, exploit internationalization business.

    According to the corporate development policy of “ Professional manufacture, won by speciality”, the company keeps the brand superiority of the products with high-tech content and the sustainable development momentum, takes “ Leading in domestic industry, becoming famous supplier of aluminium alloy ships in the world” as starting point, realizes the strategic goal to enter into the first rank of the global suppliers of aluminium alloy ships.