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Celebrating the start of 2nd batch 5-series fast support vessels of Fujian Offshore Wind

Release time:2022-03-21 Source:英辉

       On 1 March 2022, AFAI started to cut material for “HAI DIAN YUN WEI 503” & “HAI DIAN YUN WEI 505”, the second batch of high speed support vessels built for Fujian Offshore Wind O&M Co., Ltd. (hereinafter “Fujian Offshore Wind”). Mr. Wu Zhanzhong – Deputy General Manager of Fujian Offshore Wind, Mr. Shen Heng – Deputy Director of CCS Guangzhou, leader team of AFAI and the project team members attended the ceremony. 

       “HAI DIAN YUN WEI 503” & “HAI DIAN YUN WEI 505” of Fujian Offshore Wind are two new high-speed support vessels in 5-series after the delivery of 501 & 502 in 2021. This vessel series adopts aluminium catamaran structure, and the vessels are built with a container platform on main deck bow. It has a LOA of 26.7m, beam of 9.2m, max. cargo load of 10t, duration of 400nm and a designed speed of 26 knots, propelled by double engines and propellers. Therefore, the vessels are stable and fast, with high resistance to wave and better load capacity. The interior outfitting is furnished as per the passenger ferry standards, equipped with leather damping seats to reduce seasickness under rough sea condition and increase the comfort of passengers. These two vessels could satisfy the requirements of crew transfer and operation in rougher sea state.

       As a professional wind farm support company in this field, Fujian Offshore Wind has a rigorous pursuit in the performance and quality of operation and maintenance vessel. The second cooperation of AFAI and Fujian Offshore Wind sufficiently reflects the reliable quality of AFAI’s deliverables. AFAI would adhere to the business philosophy of “Focus on customer and make excellent products” and absorb owner’s abundant applicable experience of marine wind farm support vessels. Two companies shall jointly cooperate to develop high quality aluminum operation & maintenance vessels not only meeting the requirements of domestic marine wind farms but also having superior performance of rapidity, economy and safety, with mutual benefits and win-win result. The cooperation is possible to lead the speedy development of domestic wind farm support vessels, provides more comprehensive, efficient and professional service for marine wind farms, and promotes high-quality development of wind farm business in China.